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Management Boards

Professional graphics and high-quality signs

The visual management boards we produce here at A1 signs are durable visual displays.

They communicate and control your targets and KPIs.

We basically put your continuous improvement ideas in to reality and for your team to use with ease

 Update the status of your targets for instant reference.

When developing a visual management board here at A1 signs for a manufacturing setting we try to focus on simplicity.

Typically the focus is on depicting vital measurements/information and displaying them so that information is:

  1. Consistent
    a. All boards throughout the organisation are similar with minimal variation only as processes require it.

  2. Easy to understand by all
    a. All levels of the organisation use this system to get a quick sense of the health of a process, line or cell.

  3. Visible from at least 40ft. (headers only)
    a. This provides a quick look from a distance as to the health of the process, line or cell.

  4. Colours of Green for hitting or exceeding a goal / target and Red for a miss. This is a “pass / fail” indicator so we avoid the use of yellow.

  5. Metrics for a visual management board
    a. (P)eople – Safety (any injuries), absenteeism (who’s here so we know what to work with).
    b. (Q)uality – Scrap, defects and re-work.
    c. (S)chedule – On track or not.
    d. (C)ost – Usually productivity but could be efficiency as well.
    e. 5S – Make housekeeping measurable and update daily conditions.

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Visual Management Boards

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